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Our Blog - With Nellie, Wanda & Maya

Flamingo Dancing On The Couch

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I've decided to talk about something orchid! 

Do you mean awkward?

Indeed I do - please excuse my malapropism.  

Your what?

Streaming on the couch

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My secret obsession is Better Call Saul, which is a prequel to Breaking Bad. The fourth season has just begun, and we are seeing the main character transform, as a reaction to past trauma - so I'm loving it from a psychological angle, as well as its story telling and dark humour. 

Hiding Behind The Couch

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I've got myself hooked on true crime podcasts and have been scaring myself silly! I think I've been listening to too many of them, and I've started to jump at shadows. But I can't stop listening - I keep going back for more!

Pain On The Couch

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How ridiculous sanitary products were ever considered a non-essential item! Can you imagine if we stopped using them because we didn't consider them essential?

Left Alone On The Couch

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I'd love to tell you about a funny memory that came back to me after seeing one of my exes pop up on Facebook's 'people you may know'.

Doin' it On The Couch

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I’m curious, now that the kids have come along, when do you get to - you know - do it? 

Cooking On The Couch

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We’re very lucky they enjoy cooking, and we encouraged it in them because it helped us teach them about budgeting, nutrition, and being practical with ingredients. For example, if buying something that won’t get used up in one recipe, what else can they make with it to ensure it doesn’t go to waste.

'Om' The Couch

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I thought it might be interesting to talk about meditation this week. I enjoy meditation and meditate very early each morning. It’s a time just for me, but subsequently, I put a better version of myself out into the world. It’s something I’m always keen to recommend. It can be incredibly powerful to even the busiest mind. Do you ladies practice any forms of meditation?

Secrets and Lies - On The Couch

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I’d love to talk about secrets this week because I recently watched an interesting movie called The Circle, which featured the concept of full transparency, and declared that secrets are lies, and this really got me thinking. I’m particularly interested in what you have to say about that Wanda. In your capacity as a coach I'm sure you must know many people’s secrets!

Let's jump On The Couch

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Thanks ladies - this is going to be a lot of fun. Ok, so each week we will get together and chat about life, the universe and shoes! As brand ambassadors, one of us will have the privilege of choosing a shoe and styling an outfit to go in the Look Book. This week I had the honour!