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Cooking On The Couch

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Nellie avatarHi all, Nellie here - and it's very exciting being back for a chat 'On The Couch' with Wanda and Maya! We’re delighted to be the brand ambassadors for Flat Out Footwear and share with you our musings on life, the universe and shoes of course! Each week one of us will style an outfit with a pair of shoes from the Flat Out Footwear range. So much fun! 

Wanda avatarHello people - Wanda here - and I’m delighted to be back too. 

Maya avatarHi everyone, this is Maya and thanks for having me again - it's great to be here :)

Nellie avatarOk ladies, I have a question for you. Is cooking an enjoyable past time for you, or a chore?

Wanda avatarI’m not really into cooking - to me it’s just a chore and I’ll happily avoid it as much as I can. Fortunately, my husband and our two boys all enjoy cooking, so it’s a chore I don’t have to do all that often, for which I’m very grateful.

Wanda avatarOur boys often meal plan for the week and give me the shopping list. They usually get home before Alastair and me, so it’s most fortunate for me that it's something they enjoy and we come home to a ready-made meal.

Nellie avatarYou’ve got them so well trained Wan!

Wanda avatarYes Nel, we’re very lucky they enjoy cooking, and we encouraged it in them because it helped us teach them about budgeting, nutrition, and being practical with ingredients. For example, if buying something that won’t get used up in one recipe, what else can they make with it to ensure it doesn’t go to waste.

Nellie avatarI think I’ll take a leaf out of your book Wan. I hope my little Lottie grows up and takes over the cooking! Actually, I don’t really mean that, because I love cooking, and wouldn’t want to give it up totally, but it would be nice to have a night off once in awhile, and it would be a fun activity to share with my daughter.

Maya avatarWhat a sweet image that conjures up Nellie - I’m sort of seeing it work its way into a song about a mother and daughter.

Nellie avatarOh wow Maya - you’re amazing how you can do that. I can’t wait to listen to it with Lottie :) Do you like to cook?

Maya avatarI admire people who enjoy cooking, and I love eating the fruits of their labour. I think cooking is really creative, and it’s like making music with ingredients. But I myself don’t do much cooking.

Nellie avatarWell speaking of cooking, I suppose I'd better tell you about the look I've cooked up for this week. I haven't been able to move past the 3D Painted Oxfords - there are just so many to choose from, and they are so cool - I'd be really happy to fill up my wardrobe with them!

Wanda avatarWhich ones did you choose this time and why?

Nellie avatarI've gone for an animal print this time, because who doesn't love an animal print right! This particular print is dark and light but the contrast isn't harsh and its colors are kind of neutral which makes it especially versatile. As striking as this shoe is - it doesn't have to be the main act.

Nellie avatarI've chosen a gorgeous blush pink satin blouse as the main feature and am wearing it with dusty pink pants. I've accessorised with gold drop earrings and a green bag, and have included a wonderful oatmeal trench which is great for the cold weather we're having. These gorgeous Animal 3D Print Oxfords play a supporting role and frame the outfit perfectly.

Lookbook image

Wanda avatarI love the colors you've used - so soft and feminine, and the shoes are strong but not overpowering.

Maya avatarThey're the backup singers :)

Nellie avatarYes that's right Maya - great analogy! Well, it's time for us to say goodbye for now. See you back here next week!


(Author’s note: the characters of Nellie, Wanda and Maya portrayed in this blog are fictitious - and have been created for the purpose of providing entertainment, and Flat Out Footwear product related information). 

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