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Doin' it On The Couch

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

Nellie avatarHi all, welcome to another chat 'On The Couch'! It's Nellie here, with Wanda and Maya! We’re delighted to be the brand ambassadors for Flat Out Footwear and share with you our musings on life, the universe and shoes of course! Each week one of us will style an outfit with a pair of shoes from the Flat Out Footwear range. So much fun! 

Wanda avatarThanks Nel - it's Wanda here and I’m thrilled too - I love our couch conversations! 

Maya avatarI agree - hey everyone, this is Maya and as always - it's great to be here :)

Nellie avatarWell I've decided to push the boundaries a bit today, and ask 'when do you make love'?

Wanda avatarOh Nel, you just can’t help yourself can you! 

Nellie avatarForgive me Wan but I’m home all day with a toddler - when else do I get to talk about this stuff ha ha!

Nellie avatarSeriously though, I’m curious, now that the kids have come along, when do you get to - you know - do it? Our little Lottie insists on sleeping in our bed - that's the only way we get a full night’s sleep, so that’s put a dent in our love life, and if we try to sneak in a quickie while she’s busy playing you can bet she will come in to see what we are doing. I don’t know how she knows, but she knows! In the middle of the deed suddenly I have to talk baby talk to encourage her to go back out to play. It’s really weird getting interrupted in the throes of passion and having to negotiate with a toddler  - it’s a total passion killer!

Wanda avatarWell, that does bring back memories. I’m sure most mummies have been there! What time does Lottie go to sleep? Do you have a spare room, or somewhere you could go after Lottie has settled into your bed for the night, for some intimate time with hubby? You could set up an area that is off limits to Lottie, and make it conducive to intimacy and passion, and only go in there when she’s asleep, so she doesn’t get curious and want to come in and see what’s going on! 

Nellie avatarActually, that’s a pretty good idea thanks Wan - you're so practical. The next challenge will be finding the energy at that time of night! By the time Lottie has gone to sleep, and I’ve finished cooking and cleaning it’s getting late and I’m exhausted, and hubby is usually exhausted after getting home from work and is plonked down in front of the TV.

Wanda avatarI hear you Nel, and again I’m sure many parents can sympathise. But it is important to find time to honour and nurture intimacy in your relationship with your partner, and I’d counsel you to spend time together in your special place, even if it is just for a cuddle and a chat - away from the distractions of television and other devices. Maybe even consider leaving the cleanup till morning every once in awhile! 

Nellie avatarYou’re right Wan, it does need to be prioritised. Poor hubby, I feel like he gets a bit neglected and must feel like the third wheel at times, and I miss our intimacy. Sorry Maya, I feel like I’ve dominated the conversation today and left you out.

Maya avatarHa ha that’s ok Nellie, I don’t have kids as you know, so it’s a bit different for me. The only similarity I can draw is that my cat has been known to come in and pounce on the bed when she spots some movement, and sometimes her claws make their way through the sheets. That’s a passion killer ha ha!

Wanda avatarOh the visuals! Very funny Maya - a good contribution to the topic!

Maya avatarHa ha, thanks Wanda :)

Nellie avatarWell ladies, thank you for indulging me. I think that’s a good note to end on, but before we go I’ll hand over to Wan to talk about those fabulous shoes she’s chosen today.

Wanda avatarThanks Nel. I'm in love with these Almost D'orsay Pumps in tan patent leather. I love the cut away sides, and the shape of the heel is devine. I've teamed it up with a gorgeous black shift dress and grey wool blazer, for a sexy and sophisticated business look - and brought in more tan using a belt and satchel to add some color interest.

Look Book Image

Maya avatarThey are very cool shoes. I would wear them in a heartbeat. I love the little extras you've brought into this outfit, so that it's not too academic looking. There's the leather on the dress, and the sado-chic jewellery for instance!

Wanda avatarWell spotted Maya - yes, it's subtle but it's there. It's feminine but it's strong.

Nellie avatarIt's a really classy and sexy look Nel - I love what you've done with it! Gosh, it's already time to say ciao - for now - until next week, mwah!


(Author’s note: the characters of Nellie, Wanda and Maya portrayed in this blog are fictitious - and have been created for the purpose of providing entertainment, and Flat Out Footwear product related information.)


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