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'Om' The Couch

Photo by Sam Austin on Unsplash

Wanda avatarHello people - Wanda here - I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. I’m delighted to be back 'On The Couch' with Nellie and Maya. We’re the brand ambassadors for Flat Out Footwear and each week we chat about life, the universe and shoes. Each week we put together an outfit with a pair of shoes from the Flat Out Footwear range. We hope you enjoy our chats! 

Maya avatarHi everyone, this is Maya and it's great to be here - thanks again for having me :)

Nellie avatarHi all, Nellie here - and I'm very excited about Wanda being the host this week!

Wanda avatarThanks Nel. I thought it might be interesting to talk about meditation. I enjoy meditation and meditate very early each morning. It’s a time just for me, but subsequently, I put a better version of myself out into the world. It’s something I’m always keen to recommend. It can be incredibly powerful to even the busiest mind. Do you ladies practice any forms of meditation?

Nellie avatarYes Wan, I do meditate from time to time and I find it really helpful, but honestly, I struggle to find the time to be regular and disciplined about it - though I know it should be a priority and I should make the time.

Wanda avatarWell Nel, sometimes that’s easier said than done, but you hit the mark when you said it’s about prioritisation. There are strategies you can put in place to fit it into your schedule. For instance, set your alarm to wake up an hour earlier than usual and meditate in bed. It is so relaxing and recharging you won’t really feel like you missed out on sleep, and you’ll still be cosy and warm in your bed.

Nellie avatarThat’s a great idea - thanks Wan, I’ll try it. What about you Maya - do you meditate?

Maya avatarI wouldn’t say I meditate in the traditional sense, but I kind of go into a trance when I’m playing my guitar - do you think that’s a form of meditation maybe?

Wanda avatarAre you mindful when you’re in that trance-like state?

Maya avatarWhat do you actually mean by mindful Wanda? I hear that term bandied around, but to be honest I don’t really know what it means?

Wanda avatarIt means to be present, to be in the moment, to be focussed on the moment and not be distracted by anything that doesn’t belong in that moment.

Maya avatarWell in that case then yes, I am definitely mindful when I'm playing my guitar :)

Wanda avatarGood for you Maya - that’s a wonderful state to be in.

Nellie avatarWan, sorry but can I interrupt? I’m curious - although I have definitely felt the benefits of meditation, why is it so good for us?

Wanda avatarWell Nel, meditation increases the communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, achieving “whole-brain” functioning - or in other words increased personal self-awareness. Subsequently, the nervous system is given more input, and new neural pathways are created. This can result in reduced stress levels, improved memory, increased learning ability, better focus and concentration, and the letting go of dysfunctional mental and emotional patterns. As a result, you become more balanced, relaxed and peaceful, less anxious and better able to deal with whatever comes your way.

Nellie avatarWow, that’s amazing isn’t it! I knew it was beneficial but I didn’t realise just how powerful it can be. I’m really inspired now to make sure I do fit it into my busy schedule - it deserves to be a top priority, because not only will I benefit, but it will make me a better mother and wife too!

Maya avatarI feel the same way Nellie! Thanks for explaining it like that Wanda. I’m also inspired to incorporate a formal meditation practice into my days. I think my music and creativity would benefit enormously, and I wouldn’t mind feeling less anxious, I have to say.

Nellie avatarOh hun, I didn’t realise you suffered from anxiety. How do you cope with playing to live audiences?

Maya avatarThe funny thing is Nellie, I get really anxious before every performance, yet the desire to get out there and share my music is stronger than the anxiety, and once I start playing I get caught up in my music and almost forget I have an audience. Like I’ve said before I really don’t know where I’d be without my music. 

Wanda avatarIndeed, the power of music. Well on that note Maya, we’d love to hear about the shoes you are wearing today, and the look you’ve created. 

Maya avatarIt's a bit of a rock chic outfit - surprise surprise - and I love these Metallic Brogues which I think gives a nice lift to all the black. I love how the light bounces off them and as I’m usually tapping my foot when I'm on stage, it gives the audience something else to look at ha ha!  But I could also wear this outfit down to my local cafe for brunch and not feel OTT :) 

Pick the rock chic

Wanda avatarIt’s a very cool look Maya - I love it. Ok, well we’ll say ciao for now, and look forward to getting together with you again next week. Have a great week.


(Author’s note: the characters of Nellie, Wanda and Maya portrayed in this blog are fictitious - and have been created for the purpose of providing entertainment, and Flat Out Footwear product related information).

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