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Pain On The Couch

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Nellie avatarHi all, welcome to another chat 'On The Couch'! I'm Nellie and I'm here with Wanda and Maya! We’re delighted to be the brand ambassadors for Flat Out Footwear and share with you our musings on life, the universe and shoes of course! Each week one of us will style an outfit with a pair of shoes from the Flat Out Footwear range. So much fun! 

Maya avatarMe too - hey everyone, thanks for having me :)

Wanda avatarThanks Nel - it's Wanda here and to tell you the truth, I'm not feeling great today. It's that time of the month and I'm in pain and a bit grumpy - so I apologise in advance!

Nellie avatarOh no, I'm sorry Wan. Have you taken something for the pain?

Wanda avatarYes I'm dosed up, and got my heat pack - unfortunately I'm just one of those women who suffer a lot, but it usually calms down after the first day. 

Nellie avatarThe first day is definitely the worst for me too.

Maya avatar At least we've got menopause to look forward to ha ha :)

Wanda avatarI'm also feeling a bit frustrated about the tampon tax. I'm hopeful reform is finally looking likely, but how ridiculous sanitary products were ever considered a non-essential item! Can you  imagine if we stopped using them because we didn't consider them essential? 

Maya avatarPerhaps we should do that in protest ha ha :) 

Nellie avatar Lol you're hilarious Maya - can you imagine! What I don't understand though, is why is it so hard for the government to remove the tax. Just do it already. 

Wanda avatarMy understanding is that the federal government needs the unanimous consent from all the states and territories, because they get the income from the GST. The states and territories collectively stand to lose something in the vicinity of $30m a year, if the tax is axed. 

Nellie avatarI wholeheartedly support axing the tax, but personally I no longer use tampons.

Maya avatarMe neither! What do you use?

Nellie avatarI insert a little silicone cup - much like you would a tampon - that collects the fluid which you then empty it out, wash and re-use. It's a healthier alternative and friendlier to the environment.

Wanda avatarIs it difficult to use? Would you recommend it?

Nellie avatarMy honest answer is that I'm happy with it, but I don't think it would suit everyone. It's definitely messier than tampons, and can be a bit confronting. Also until you master the technique, removing it can be a little painful. But generally speaking, now that I've been using it for awhile, I find it very comfortable. 

Wanda avatarHmm interesting, but you've turned me off by saying it's messier than tampons and a little confronting. I've conjured up some unpleasant visuals.

Nellie avatarFair enough - like I said, I don't think it's for all women!

Maya avatarTampons and I don't like each other very much so I've just started using an alternative too! I'm wearing period panties. They are working out ok for me.

Wanda avatarHow are they better than using pads?

Maya avatarThey're very comfortable - they're like regular underwear, although slightly thicker in the gusset - but not as thick as a pad - and they stay in place. They're also friendlier for the environment.

Wanda avatarWell aren't you a pair of eco-warriors!

Nellie avatarI do like to do what I can, but I wouldn't do it if it wasn't comfortable!

Wanda avatarI'm sorry, that probably sounded really mean. I warned you I'm a bit of a grump today!

Nellie avatarThat's ok hon. Period pain is no fun. Hey Maya, how was the wedding?

Maya avatar It was awesome. I love weddings - it's always cool to celebrate love. You mentioned last week you're off to a wedding soon too?

Nellie avatarAh ha I am indeed, and I've chosen to wear the Woven Oxfords in silver. I've teamed them with a gorgeous floral dress in burgundy, because I think silver and burgundy do something very special to each other. I've added drop earrings that further play up on the floral theme, and a gorgeous little maroon and blue clutch.


Maya avatarAww pretty, and I love those shoes. You'll look amazeballs.

Wanda avatarThey're gorgeous shoes Nel, and I love how you've styled them. It really goes to show that you can replace high heels with flats. 

Nellie avatarAbsolutely. I love oxfords - they are so versatile and really can be worn with anything. Well ladies, it's time to say goodbye - so until next week, take care everyone and be kind to one another.

Signatures of Wanda, Nellie and Maya

(Author’s note: the characters of Nellie, Wanda and Maya portrayed in this blog are fictitious - and have been created for the purpose of providing entertainment, and Flat Out Footwear product related information). 

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