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Secrets and Lies - On The Couch

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

Nellie avatarHi all, welcome to another chat 'On The Couch'! It's Nellie here, with Wanda and Maya! We’re delighted to be the brand ambassadors for Flat Out Footwear and share with you our musings on life, the universe and shoes of course! Each week one of us will style an outfit with a pair of shoes from the Flat Out Footwear range. So much fun! 

Wanda avatarHello people - Wanda here - I hope you’ve had a wonderful week.

Maya avatarHi everyone, this is Maya and it's great to be back - thanks for having me :)

Nellie avatarOk, well I’d love to talk about secrets this week because I recently watched an interesting movie called The Circle, which featured the concept of full transparency, and declared that secrets are lies, and this really got me thinking. I’m particularly interested in what you have to say about that Wanda. In your capacity as a coach I'm sure you must know many people’s secrets!

Wanda avatarThank you Nellie - that is an interesting concept, but I have to say I think it’s too much of a generalisation. There are of course things that should not be kept secret, but people keep secrets for many different reasons and full transparency isn’t always safe. Having said that, when and if the time is right and it is managed appropriately, ‘coming out’ with your secrets can sometimes be very powerful and healing. On the other hand, I do believe secrets have their purpose. For example, in some places people can be persecuted for their sexual preferences. In a less extreme scenario many of us can probably relate to, our sex life is usually secret or at least very private, which is usually not a bad thing. Whilst there are also people who are quite happy to be very open about their sex lives - and that’s ok too - I would caution if you are going to be open about such things you need to be careful about what you divulge about other people. 

Nellie avatarThanks Wan - and Maya - what do you think about secrets? Are you a big secret keeper?

Maya avatarMost of my secrets seem to weave their way into my songs, so I don’t think I have many secrets left! I really like the point Wanda made though, about considering the other people involved before divulging something that effects them. Actually, you have inspired the beginnings of a new song for me, sorry, ha ha!

Wanda avatarAw you’re so sweet Maya - I can’t wait to hear the song.

Maya avatarYou'll be first to hear it, since you inspired it :)

Nellie avatarOk ladies, well we are almost out of time. Thank you for your thoughts on secrets - I found that really interesting and I tend to agree. I don’t think full transparency would be utopian, but I do think some secrets can be dangerous and enable wrong-doers, so it is something to think about carefully, keeping secrets comes with some responsibility if you ask me. Well before we go, I’ll hand back to you Wan - to talk about those amazeballs booties you are wearing!

Wanda avatarThanks Nell - aren’t they fabulous. Well, on the topic of secrets I think these reveal a little about me, but I’ll leave that to your imaginations!

Nellie avatarOh Wan - the mind boggles!

Maya avatarYes, thank you for that little bit of innuendo Wanda - that’s going to work its way into my song too ha ha!

Wanda avatarOh I’m going to have to watch what I say around you Maya ;) Well back to these booties - they are the 2 Ring Booties which come in pastel pink, grey and black. I, of course, chose black - almost all my shoes are black, or at least a very dark. The metal rings and the cutaway strap really appealed to me. The heel is about 4cm so not a totally flat shoe per se, but definitely not a high heel in my book. Whilst they look great with pants, I think they come into their own with a skirt, to really play up their features - and so that is the look I’ve gone with. I like that they’re strong and a bit edgy, yet still subtle enough to be worn anywhere which I've demonstrated by providing two looks - one for work and the other for play!

A little innuendo lookbook

Nellie avatarGreat choice Wan. Ok, well on that note - we look forward to being back here next week - until then, take care and be kind to yourselves and one another.

Wanda, Nellie and Maya signatures

(Author’s note: the characters of Nellie, Wanda and Maya portrayed in this blog are fictitious - and have been created for the purpose of providing entertainment, and Flat Out Footwear product related information). 

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