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About FRANK+Alice

FRANK+Alice Logo

The FRANK+Alice label was borne of a collaboration between designers in Melbourne and Spain.

Our shoes are handcrafted in Spain by Losal, a family run business of artisans in Monforte de Lemos have been hand-crafting shoes for 5 generations. 

FRANK+Alice is an ever-stylish collection of oxfords and derbies, handmade by artisans in Spain, in exclusive small quantities.

'Borrowed from the boys' this androgynous collection is equally at home being a tomboy, or playing up its feminine vibe. Each style is incredibly versatile, and designed to be a classic in your wardrobe for years to come.

FRANK+Alice shoes are made from premium European sourced materials that exceed the European footwear industry's stringent quality controls.

Each pair of shoes is made from genuine box calf leather of the finest quality originating from Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

The lining is made from box calf leather, with a thickness of 0.8mm which allows the foot to breathe inside the shoe.

The ‘snake’ and ‘crocodile’ embossed finishes are achieved by applying several layers of polyurethane to natural box calf leather to create a soft and supple texture.

The patent finish is achieved by applying a thin transparent plastic layer over natural box calf leather for a smooth bright appearance.

Each shoe is carefully handcrafted and contains an agglomerated cork insole (to provide insulation from cold, heat and humidity), which customises to your foot, providing extra comfort.

Our sizes range from 35 to 42.

We care about the environment - learn more.

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